The company NADRA SERVICES is the legal successor of the registered NADRA GROUP, which was established on April 22, 1991. NADRA SERVICES has inherited all the previous experience and network of partner enterprises from NADRA GROUP, as the NADRA GROUP brand has transitioned to a company specializing in digital platform project management.

Over the course of more than 30 years, the company has executed hundreds of projects and programs related to geological exploration and the support of energy, mineral, and water (groundwater) resource extraction. This extensive experience has shaped the company's profound expertise in the field.

By undertaking integrated projects involving both NADRA GROUP subsidiaries and independent enterprises, the company has elevated its business to the next level, specializing in project management within a wide network of partners. The company is international, as its activities have spanned across more than 20 countries worldwide. In light of the global environmental perspective, there is an urgent need for transition to a sustainable development model. This commitment serves as the foundation for all activities within NADRA GROUP.

Today, NADRA manages projects of a wide network of partner enterprises, encompassing the use of the entire set of natural resources. The company provides comprehensive services, essential materials, and equipment for these projects, while also facilitating the sale of manufactured products. By utilizing specially developed digital models for all its services, NADRA GROUP ensures optimal cost efficiency and streamlined operations throughout the entire project lifecycle. This approach promotes transparency and predictability for all participants within the partner network.

Providing services to three client groups - investors, manufacturing companies, and governments - NADRA GROUP acknowledges the unique needs of each group, recognizing their interdependence and the necessity for cooperation and alignment of interests during project execution. In doing so, NADRA GROUP upholds a novel model of balanced business that emphasizes the efficient, rational, and responsible utilization of all types of natural resources.