Green transformation

NADRA SERVICES recognizes the crucial significance of carbon neutrality for the future of our planet, and endorses global climate initiatives and the principles outlined in local and global green transformation strategies. Collaborating with partner organizations, NADRA SERVICES is committed to accelerating the energy transition and consequently minimizing the environmental impact of traditional oil and gas operations.

NADRA SERVICES's 30-year history, its profound industry insight, and technical expertise, robust implementation strategies in large-scale projects involving a broad network of partners, and proficiency in employing pioneering technologies in the oil and gas industry establish its substantial role in shaping a carbon-free future.

Since 2017, NADRA SERVICES has partnered with the International Platform "Implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union regarding Efficient and Balanced Use of Natural Resources," with the aim of supporting research programs that integrate scientific resources across the European Union. As part of this collaboration, NADRA SERVICES has assigned its personnel to contribute to projects commissioned by the European Union's Research and Innovation Framework Programmes Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe.

The projects in this field include: KINDRA – an initiative aimed at evaluating existing groundwater-related practical and scientific knowledge related to hydrogeological research; INTRAW – a project aimed at promoting global cooperation (Europe, Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, South Africa and the United States) in mineral raw materials’ research & innovation, education & outreach, industry & trade, and recycling, as well as management & substitution of strategic raw materials; CHPM2030 – a project dedicated to developing a groundbreaking technology solution that can potentially satisfy the Europe’s energy and strategic metals requirements in a single integrated process; UNEXMIN – an autonomous project focused on exploring and mapping flooded mines in Europe; INFACT – a project dedicated to developing innovative, non-invasive, and environmentally friendly exploration technologies that are safe for both humans and the environment. In the future, NADRA SERVICES experts plan to voluntarily participate in the CRM-Geothermal Project ссылка - Critical Raw Materials from Geothermal Liquids: Emergence, Enrichment, Extraction, as well as initiatives of the Association of Geological Surveys of Europe (EGS) aimed at establishing a Geological Survey for Europe (CSA-GSE) project ссылка. For further information on projects in this field, please refer to Scientific establishments and Educational institutions.

Within its expertise, GROUP NADRA provides guidance and professional support to the public sector in designing projects and programs for socio-economic development, green transformation, and the development of specific regions and industries. Furthermore, NADRA SERVICES is proactive in supporting government initiatives.

The priorities of NADRA SERVICES in this field are as follows:

  • Conservation of the natural environment and sustainable utilization of natural resources to forestall environmental degradation, reduce anthropogenic hazards to local communities, and bolster developmental prospects;
  • Fostering sustainable industrial development; stimulating investments, promoting innovation and technological advancement, and stimulating economic growth;
  • Advocating for sustainable, environmentally conscious socio-economic development of society, and fostering collaboration among the government, businesses, and society.

To expedite the shift towards a clean, zero-emissions society and establish a circular energy economy, NADRA SERVICES shall endorse the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency until 2030. Specifically, NADRA SERVICES will encourage the adoption of novel technologies that reduce energy consumption and fossil fuel dependency, as well as diminish greenhouse gas emissions. This includes, but is not limited to, the following approaches for operational and deep decarbonization:

  • Energy- and resource-efficient technologies, encompassing solutions to lower production expenses and decrease well downtime;
  • Recycling of energy resources, which involves the reprocessing, reuse, and utilization of secondary energy resources und use of technologies for repurposing oil and gas wells, as well as technologies for converting CO₂ into fuel.
  • Carbon capture, storage, utilization, and removal (CCS, CCU, CCUS), also as part of comprehensive geological assessments that confirm the feasibility of storing CO₂ in designated formations.
  • СО₂ and СН₄ leak control technology;
  • Enhancing oil recovery through the use of CO₂ (CO₂-EOR);
  • Production and utilization of hydrogen and ammonia as global, versatile, low-carbon energy sources;
  • Geothermal energy initiatives.

On November 11th, 2021, in light of the aforementioned objectives, NADRA SERVICES, HALLIBURTON Ukraine LLC and the State-Owned Company "Scientific and Research Institute for Crude Oil Refining and Petrochemical Industry "MASMA"` signed a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding to carry out specific EU Green Deal measures in Ukraine. The memorandum involves leveraging the parties' respective goals, competencies, efforts, and capabilities to formulate effective strategies for decarbonizing gas production firms, integrating technological expertise to substantially curtail greenhouse gas emissions, and establishing structured corporate reporting systems in compliance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.